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Part-Time Online Job


but you are the  BOSS! —


Do you surf the internet often? Are you always using Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, Twitter, YoutTube, etc…??? Do you earn on every click you make? I'm sure you don't, but here on PTC (Paid-To-Click), I am sure you can earn money online. Yes, believe me, there are many people like me, like you or like anyone else, can earn money online. DOnt let this opportunity pass you by, REGISTER now…!
(**Note: You dont need to pay anything when you register online…so why not register now)

I dont expect you to believe me at this moment , that's ok. Maybe this what youre looking for or you aleady have a job where you earn regularly, so I guess an online job is not really your interest. But if you are really interested on this ONLINE Job, please  READ on the following:

PTC (Paid-To-Click), you get paid to visit websites and click ads (ex. ad banner). It's an easy task. You dont need to work overtime at work and exhaust your body to the limit just to earn EXTRA INCOME. All you have to do is just sit in front of your computer, click several LINK and view the ADS for about 20 to 30 seconds and thats it, you earn money instantly (Dollar). And of course you dont have to worry about your family or being away from home, because you can do this at the comfort of your home.
Some PTC sites offer additional source of earnings like paid to read, paid to promote their sites, paid to sign up, percentage of downline or referral earnings (if you want to learn more info about PCT, CLICK HERE).

How much money will I earn with PTC? It depends on the PTC Websites, and it also depends on you because YOU are the BOSS!

For the new member ( those that have not upgraded their account when joining a PTC site), usually  PTC will give you 5 ads daily to click and you earn $.01 for every ad clicks ( and you earn $.005 for every referral or your downline  clicks).

Ex. you multiply $.01 to 5 ads equals $.05( $.01 x 5 = $.05), this is how much you can earn in 150 sec ( because you need to view 1 ad for at least 30 sec), and you can only click an ad once in a day, in other words, you only need, you need to spend only a small amount of time to earn money in PTC.

PTC $.05 only per day? You may think its a very small amount, if you dont have any referrals, but if you already have referrals ( ex.. you have 5 referrals or downline), 5 referrals multiply by $.005 muliply by 5 ads per days is equal to $.125 per day (5 X $.005 x 5 = $.125). So standard members can earn as much as $.175 a day or  $.5.25 per month.

$5.25 per month? Still quite a small amount, rigth?, its because you only have 5 referrals. WHat if you have 50 referrals? 50 referraks x $.005 x 5 ads is equal to $1.25 per day or $37.5 per month.

$37.5 per month? still small rigth? But in Philippines, if you convert $37 to peso ( ex. $1=45php), thats 1,665php only per month. Dont be sad, because that's if you are registered  to one PTC website only. WHat if you are registered to 10 PTC websites?

50 referrals x $.0005 x 5 ads x 10 PTC Websites is equal to 12.5 per day or $375 per month or 16,875php in Philippine Peso.

$375 per month? Still small? Don't be discourage, because its only you plus your 50 referrals are only working doing the clicks. What if you 50 referrals increased or doubled. WHat if your 50 referrals is 5,000 or more? Impossible you may say? It's possible, can I ask you? How many friends do you have in FRIENDSTER? in MULTIPLY perhaps? in TWITTER? in FACEBOOK? or in any social NETWORKING Site? I'm sure you have more 5,000 on friends list, or even people you dont know, you can invite them to join. Can I join to more that 10 PTC websites? How many PTC websites are there on the INTERNET?. I'm sure there are more than 10 PTC Websites on the INTERNET, like NEOBUX, ONBUX, BUXP, BUXMatrix, PALMBux, VIPClix, …etc….WHat if you upgrade your account on the PTC website that you are registered with or that you joined? I'm sure that the earning potential is much bigger. You are rigth, you may think at the start, earning potentials are very small, but if you have many referrals and you referrals continue to increase? WHA do you think? Can you still count or compute how much you can potential gain or earn with PTC?? Just like my first question at the very start, it all depends on you because you are the BOSS!!!